Mound Yeti™ 2

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Baseball / Softball Conversion Kit

The Mound Yeti™ 2 is one of the most versatile pitching machines on the market. With pitch speeds ranging from 30 - 100+ mph, this works great for all skill levels. With a quick adjustment, this machine can throw left handed breaking balls, right handed breaking ball, fastballs, sliders, and knuckleballs. Speed settings can be set at low, medium, high, or crank it up to bring the heat! The Mound Yeti™ 2 can be used for more than just BP! Angle the head of the machine up for pop-flies or down for grounders. The wheels are made from urethane to eliminate air pressure problems, but dimpled balls are still recommended for use. Other retailers sell machines like this around $1700 and charge you for a softball conversion kit. The Mound Yeti™ 2 includes the softball kit in the price.

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The softball kit includes a set of shorter legs (to simulate the lower release point of an underhand throw) and an bigger ball chute to accommodate the size of softballs.

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