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  1. Softball Pitchers Mat

    Softball Pitchers Mat

    Starting at: $179.00

    Our Softball Pitchers mat is great for use in practice or games. It is made from a durable Nylon artificial turf and is so durable that even steel spikes can be worn on it. Learn More

  2. Thermo Turf Batter's Box

    Thermo Turf Batter's Box

    Starting at: $319.00

    Our Batter Box Thermo Turf baseball mats are made from our very durable Thermo Turf, and comfortable 5 mm foam backing. Its unique skid resistant base will not slide on any surface, and won't scratch, mark, or damage floors. Available in Green or Clay Learn More

  3. Thermo Turf Stance Mat

    Thermo Turf Stance Mat

    Starting at: $124.00

    Our baseball stance mats are made of a 1/2" extremely durable Thermo spike resistant turf, layered with a heavy-duty 5 mm 90 oz foam reinforced backing. This stance mat is skid proof and, its unique backing will not mark, scratch, or damage floors. Learn More

  4. Baseball & Softball On Deck Circle

    Baseball & Softball On Deck Circle

    Starting at: $89.00

    The On Deck Circle is the area on each side of home plate, indicating where a batter may stand while preparing to go to bat. Our On Deck Circles are made from the the most durable spike proof Nylon turf with a 5 mm backing. This On Deck Circle is perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and will not scratch, mark, or damage flooring. The On Deck Circle is perfect for batting cages and dugouts. Learn More

  5. ThermoTurf Ground Covers

    ThermoTurf Ground Covers

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    ThermoTurf is exclusively offered by Red Dirt Baseball; specifically made for Baseball and Softball use. We offer the highest quality Polypropylene in the world, perfect for residential and commercial use Learn More
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