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  1. Little League Baseball

    Little League Baseball

    Our "Little League Approved" Baseballs are covered with genuine leather and have a cork/rubber core. Baseballs are sold per dozen. Learn More

  2. Trapezoid Batting Cage Anchoring System

    Trapezoid Batting Cage Anchoring System

    Starting at: $29.00

    The Trapezoid Anchoring System is ideal for economy batting cages that will be exposed to high winds and/or severe weather. Kits include 12" aluminum stakes designed with kinks to ensure stakes do not easily pull out of the ground. Anchoring systems are available for our 35', 55', and 70' Trapezoid Batting Cages.

    Note: **We strongly recommend that you always remove netting from the frame if you expect high winds. Netting will act like a sail in windy conditions, causing damage to the netting, the frame, or both.

    Learn More

  3. Batting Cage Backdrop

    Batting Cage Backdrop

    Starting at: $74.00

    Now you can extend the life of your batting cage net by protecting the rear section of your net with our high-quality Twisted Poly Baseball Backdrop. These backdrops make an excellent training aid for pitchers, and are great for stopping balls. Our durable backdrop is constructed out of the highest quality netting available. The 12'x14' can also be used as a divider net to utilize both ends of the cage. This easy to install backdrop is completely waterproof, and can be used indoors or outdoors. Learn More

  4. Batting Cage Ground Stakes

    Batting Cage Ground Stakes

    Starting at: $149.00

    The ground stakes offer additional support for the batting cage frame arches and are highly recommended for cages that will be exposed to windy conditions. Learn More

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